'Black Panther' cultural appropriation concerns

Black Panther comes out on Friday but hundreds of people, including young kids had a chance to see it early. Those people will be the first to someone of the most of highly anticipated movies of the year. With record presales already, Box Office Pro predicts the movie can take in $205 million over the weekend and $925 million when all is said and done. Houston will be contributing to the big box office take.

Of course, Black Panther is the movie every kid wants to see right now, and he's the hero every kid wants to be. But some white parents are worrying about whether or not they should let their kids wear a Black Panther costume -- fearful they might be accused of cultural appropriation or even black face. Ken Webster Jr., host of the Pursuit of Happiness Radio on KPRC 950 AM, is on the Factor, along with Willie D from the Geto Boys to talk about this.