Beyoncé twirls with Texas flag given by North Texas super fan

A North Texas Beyoncé super fan still can’t believe her gift for the superstar at her North Texas concert set in motion a flurry of internet images and video from the performance.

Kylie Walker says she’s been to five of Beyoncé’s concerts. But she says Monday night’s concert in Arlington was epic all because of a flag.

“The guy comes back and taps me on my arm and he's like look, look!” she said. “I look over and she's twirling the flag, twirling with the flag. I'm like oh my gosh! That's my flag! That's my flag!"

The back story started in December when 'Beyhivers,’ Walker and her friend Taylor, bought their VIP tickets.

"I was like what if I make a sign that says 'I love you Beyoncé from Kylie and Taylor?’ I said no, no. Everybody does that sign. That's something you'd expect,” said Walker.

She thought of a Texas flag as the perfect gift for the Houston-native superstar even though some of her friends weren't really feeling it.

"They didn't really get it,” she said. “They didn't get my vision. I was like ok."

Early on, Walker got a glimmer of hope when Beyoncé walked down the runway and acknowledged the flag after spotting it.

Near the end of the show, Walker made her move. She asked a staffer if he could get the flag to Beyoncé.  The rest is ‘Beyhive’ history.

The images went viral including a photo on Beyoncé’s website with Walker’s Texas flag and her and her friend’s name on it.

“Someone was talking about it on the radio and said, ‘Whoever gave her the flag, that was pretty live,’” Walker recalled. “I was like, ‘That was me! That was me!"