‘Ballet in the City' Inspires Minority Students to Dance

Ballet star Calvin Royal III, has partnered with a group called Ballet in the City to help minority students in Detroit learn about dance and be inspired to succeed like he has. Royal says he wants African-American children to know they can be ballet dancers too.

“[They can say] ‘My gosh, I see somebody that looks like me,’” Royal told Fox 2. “‘And maybe, if I work just as hard, I could do that too.’”

Jessica Wallis, founder and executive director of Ballet in the City, wants everyone to remember that great talent can be found anywhere.

“Look no further than Calvin on what an amazing talent could be lost if those students are not given the attention they deserve,” she said.

Ballet in the City not only exposes minorities to ballet, they support the flowering careers of young dancers, this year providing two scholarships to young black dancers.

But Royal knows there are no shortcuts in dance... no matter who you are.

“You don’t just dance on the Met stage without having put in all those countless hours preparing,” he said. “That hard work opened so many doors for me.”