Bakery settles multi-million discrimination lawsuit

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Federal attorneys say if you were anything but Hispanic the gates of employment were closed on you at Lawler's Foods in Humble.

Rudy Sustaita is an attorney with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He sued Lawler's Foods, a company known for desserts like cheesecakes and pies, that are sold to restaurants and retail stores all over the world.  

Sustaita says his 7-year long case against the company found a pattern and practice of not hiring specifically blacks, whites, or Asians.

The federal attorney says the company only hired Hispanics at their Humble facility. 

Sustaita says, "I don't know but people a lot more qualified than me would be able to say why companies would hire only Hispanics and predominantly could be low cost."

Since taking action against Lawler's back in 2009 the EEOC says the company has made changes hiring significantly more Blacks.

The company has also greed to pay over a million dollars to those who were denied a job at the company based on race since 2009.

If you were denied a job at Lawler's and you're black, white, or Asian EEOC representatives say you should contact their offices at 713-651-4920 or 713-651-4957.

We placed a call to the attorney who represents Lawler's and he said he would get back with us and we will post that statement or interview when we receive it.