Authorities warn harassing alligators is illegal, dangerous

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You call yourself a native Texan? Alligators have been around for thousands of years and they can live in almost any fresh water. So when Carolyn Ginn is walking around the pond at Kitty Hollow Park, she usually sees some.

"I don't mess with them. I keep them at a distance,"  she says.

But not everyone has been. According to a Facebook post from the Ft. Bend County Sheriff's Office kids have been tormenting them by throwing rocks at them. In the post, they warn doing so can get you a ticket.


Christy Kroboth with the Texas Gator Squad says harassing them is not just illegal, it's a good way to get hurt.

"If they're catching some sun and you go out there throwing rocks at them and harass them ,that's animal cruelty. Alligators have nerves of steel and they will stand their ground and. If pushed far enough they will attack,"  she says.

Right now you are more likely to see alligators. It's mating season and the males are out roaming around.

"They're out looking for love and looking for their first meal of the season,"  says Kroboth.

Or enjoying the weather. On Monday, the Fulshear  Police Department posted this picture of some gators sunning themselves on the bank of a subdivision pond. While gators bites are rare, they do happen -- and in the blink of an eye.

"I hear they can run pretty fast. I don't want to find out," laughed Ginn.