Astros Foundation gives away 2,500 trees to Houston-area residents for Earth Day

As Earth Day celebrations continue over the weekend, The Astros Foundation is working to help Houston-area residents beautify their yards. 

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In conjunction with LyondellBasell and Trees for Houston, The Astros Foundation spent Saturday giving away 2,500 native trees to residents. 

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Residents came through Lot B at Minute Maid Park where they received free three-gallon trees from the following species: American Beautyberry, American Sycamore, Buttonbush, Common Persimmon, Loblolly Pine, Pecan, Sweetgum, and White Oak. 

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According to a press release, Saturday's event is the first of two giveaways with LyondellBasell. 

"With their significant philanthropic support and volunteer participation, Trees For Houston and LyondellBasell are giving away 5,000 trees in total," the press release explained. "Additionally, 183 mature, six-foot trees were planted at San Jacinto College last month."