Apartment complex has change of heart following Only On Fox report

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“I’m a fighter,” Tameka Mottley said. “I don’t give up.”

Those were Mottley’s last words to us on Monday. She was minutes away from being locked out of an empty apartment she had been using to feed lunch to kids at the Coppertree Apartments on West Gulf Bank.

“A lot of parents go to work a lot of the children have to kind of fend for themselves,” said resident Candice Williams.

Mottley got churches to donate the food and was told by the former manager she could use the vacant apartment until August 19th. But a new manager had health and safety concerns about that arrangement.

“I’ve been here two weeks and it wasn’t done the proper way to begin with,” said current manager Cheryl Foster.

“What can we do together to make sure these children continue to be fed,” said Community Activist Quanell X who was prompted by our report to get involved. He says he was shocked when he spoke to the C.E.O. of Triumph Housing which owns Coppertree Apartments.“I had never spoken to someone in corporate America and I’ve spoken to many corporations where the man said I’m going to do the Christian thing.”

The complex owners put up a huge tent and say they will feed the children lunch every weekday until school starts next month.

“Whatever we can do we’re going to do it for the kids,” Foster said.

Kids won’t go hungry here because Tameka Mottley won’t take no for an answer.

“Once you start with love and good nothing is going to stop that,” Mottely said. “If you sow a seed with good what produces from it is good.”

“If everybody had an attitude like this sister we wouldn’t have any children in our community go hungry,” said Quanell X. “They would all be fed.”