Anti-Trump message projected on Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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It was a tweet by the DeKalb Georgia Democrats that has caused a lot of controversy. The tweet shows an obscene message being projected on the side of Mercedes-Benz Stadium which disparages President Donald Trump.

"It is terrible that people would bow that low. No respect, no honor,” said Charles Davies.

Davies is a small business owner. He and his son Justin were outraged at a disrespectful tweet that projected profanity towards President Trump just minutes before he walked the field. The tweet lit up the social media world during Monday night’s CFP National Championship game.

“It's so disrespectful to our president. I didn't too much care for Obama... I didn't agree with Obama's policies, but you know what I did, I prayed for him. Why can't people pray? What can't they support the president because if the president is successful, we're gonna be successful,” said Justin Davies.

A group called the Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialist of America has claimed responsibility. They are not backing down from the anti-Trump image and tweet. The socialist said they also projected "Dismantle White Supremacy" and "Healthcare For All" images on the stadium, but it is the one that targeted the president that offended people on the right and the left.

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“He is the worst president we have had in 150 years,” said John Urbach. “It is not appropriate for kids and it is not appropriate for my Catholic mother to look at.”

The socialists declined an on-camera interview, but released a statement saying, "projections are a statement of our anger and disgust with the racist Trump administration, but they are also a vision of a more prosperous future for our community."

Atlanta Police were aware of the images and even conferred with the Fulton County District Attorney's Office about possible charges. The department told FOX 5 in a statement:

"While the message may understandably be offensive to some, there was no physical damage to the building and our ability to bring criminal charges would be very limited."

Still, others believe it went too far.

“Our children, I have grandchildren, I would never want them to see anything like this. It's so repulsive,” said Charles Davies.

The group claiming responsibility said they are proud of their work and said there will be more projects in the days and weeks to come.

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