Another investigation watchdog

News conferences in front of the Waller County jail have become  pretty common, but Gerald Rose and Rodney Evans with the New Order National Human Rights Organization want to do more than just hold a news conference.

"I didn't come down here to be in front of you all.. I want to meet someone." said Rose.

"We need policies changed. We  need procedures changed. Everything needs to be completely transparent." said Evans.

As far as transparency, hey did get face time with an official at the jail. This week the Waller County DA's office appointed an oversight committee to monitor the investigation. The independent prosecutors and defense attorney's will keep an eye on things and examine the evidence. It also released a series of video clips showing Sandra Bland in jail safe, sound and even making more phone calls than are typically allowed.

Now, on policies and procedures. In Austin Thursday  the House Committee on County Affairs heard testimony on jail standards, handling mentally ill inmates and about conduct by law enforcement.

It will take some time for all the answers to come out. There are a number of local, state and federal agencies investigating both Bland's arrest and her death in jail.. The New Order Human Rights Organization will have to wait along with the rest of us. Nevertheless Rose says the Waller County Sheriff's Office told him their door is always open to them.

But why is an organization from Georgia interested in all of this anyway? They insist this is about more than just Sandra Bland.

"It's sad that it was another black woman, but this doesn't just effect black people. This effects all of us." said Evans.