Amazon worker's misplaced keys helps raise awareness for boy's rare disease

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A woman in Texas made an order on Amazon but when it arrived there was something extra in the box: a lanyard and a set of keys. She decided to try to get the keys back to their owner and in the process it's helped raise awareness for her son's rare disease.

Houston area resident Nicole Shen's three-year-old son Roman has a rare disease called Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome. The disease is characterized by a variety of issues including bone marrow failure and a compromised immune system. 

Nicole says because of Roman's health she doesn't take Roman out to stores a lot so she relies on Amazon to get things.

In her most recent order, Nicole got the item she wanted but also a set of keys and a lanyard with a picture of Kenneth Delerme. She said at first she was confused but the lanyard had all of Kenneth's info on it so she set out find him.

Nicole said she tried to contact Kenneth through Amazon but wasn't having any luck so she decided to turn to Facebook. She made a post in the hopes someone could help.

The post was shared and the search for Kenneth was on. Multiple people found other Amazon workers on social media who offered to help. Everyone messaged Kenneth on all forms of social media.

Nicole says after four hours, Kenneth finally contacted her. Turns out Kenneth works at the Amazon Fulfillment Center SAT2 in San Marcos.

Kenneth says in an email to FOX 7 that "When I found out that I lost my keys I was crying like a baby. I was looking (for) the keys for like ever."

After getting connected, Kenneth learned about Roman. Nicole says Kenneth immediately asked how he could sign up for the registry.

Kenneth swabbed and then others that were following the story also decided to do it as well.

Nicole says hundreds of new people have signed up for the registry to try and help Roman.

It's also important for people to sign up because Roman is half Chinese and half Italian and less than 6% of the registry is Asian. Less than 4% is of mixed race.

"I was persistent in finding Kenneth and getting his keys back. In return, he wanted to help us save my son's life. It is fate those keys got to me because everything since has been magic!" Nicole says.

Kenneth has been reunited with his keys. Roman sent him a drawing and the family also included a key finder too. In a Facebook post, Kenneth says, "I'll try to not to send them to you again!"

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