Abused dog has paw amputated, touches hearts

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Noah is a dog who has captured the hearts of Houstonians.  Just moments after having surgery on his mangled right paw, he was happy to see visitors. 

Dr. Laura Ron, from Vergi 24/7 Animal Hospital, says that’s just his personality. 

“When he arrived on Saturday, he was sitting here, with his bones exposed, essentially the tissue from his wrist on down was just gone.”  But she said the dog was licking his caretakers, and wagging his tail. 

Animal Cruelty investigators are looking into the severe injury to the dog’s right paw, along with one on his neck, from a chain that was so tight, it had to be cut off.  Noah was seized from a back yard, after a neighbor called to report his condition.

“He did have scars that were kind of suspicious,” said Dr. Ron.

Noah's paw could not be saved, and had to be amputated.  Fortunately it is a low-level amputation, said Dr. Ron, “We removed some of these exposed bones, because they weren't doing much of a job, and sewed up that area to preserve as much of that tissue as possible.” 

When his wound heals, he'll get a prosthetic paw.  Thanks to donors who saw his story on social media, "Val's Pals GSD and Large Paw Rescue,” was able to cover all his medical expenses, with money to spare. The rescue group took the dog from BARC to the hospital, with permission from the City.   Tiffany Frazier says something about Noah spoke to people, and thanks to social media, donors raised more than $20,000, in less than a week. 

"That money will help several dogs," said Frazier, “”Val’s Pals’ tends to take medical cases and the dogs that are not going to be adopted, so the funds that we’ve been able to raise are going to help a whole lot of dogs, on top of Noah.”

What has astounded his rescuers and caretakers is his sweet demeanor.  In spite of what's happened to him, Noah remains a loving companion. 

“He is a special boy, and he is so happy,” Frazier said.

Noah already has a foster home waiting to take him in, once he is fitted for his prosthetic.