A war against law enforcement

Ray Hunt the president of the Houston Police Officer's union says he's never seen an anti-police atmosphere like this in his 25 years. Over the last few days he's forwarded at least 3 videos to the FBI. He shows videos the he categorizes as hate speech.

In one, the man declares it open season on killing "whites people and cops. In an earlier unsettling image from earlier this week an emoji graffiti of a gun pointed towards an officers head, hunt acknowledges, these examples are from a small group of people with outrageous views, but a minority that's easily heard nowadays because of the internet and social media. In a tweet from a Sam Houston state student, widely admonished. A student questions why so many care about Deputy Goforth's death, even suggests he may have somehow deserved it because of how his eyes looked.

            Sam Houston is now looking to see if she violated the student code of conduct,

            Hunt fears the feeding frenzy as he describes it against police could incite violence. That’s where he believes the majority of people who are behind police can help. Hunt adds there's no doubt officers are on edge, and he’s encouraging officers to request to go out in 2-person units.