14-year-old Houston girl who has accepted she may not live much longer creates bucket list

A bucket list is typically reserved for those over a certain age but we caught up with a 14-year-old Houston girl who just created one.

Teenagers are supposed to be just starting their lives, not thinking about what they want to do, because they’re coming to the end of life. But 14-year-old Nevaeh Wade recently created a bucket list of things she hopes to do before she dies. 

"Ooooh I’m decorating my room," the teenager says excitedly. 

Like every 14-year-old girl, Nevaeh is making her room her own "and I chose fairy lights and vines" she smiles. But unlike most her age, fixing up her room is on this beautiful little girl’s bucket list.

"Because what I have is life-threatening. So if I do pass, I want to do the stuff that I’ve never done before," she says. 


Nevaeh, who’s at home on palliative care, has battled Lupus most of her life, an autoimmune disease that causes the body to attack its own organs. 

"She has brain inflammation, leaky heart valves, fluid in her lung as well as kidney disease. She’s now diabetic," explains Nevaeh’s Mom Eco Wade. 

"I weigh 89 pounds and that’s skinny," adds the teenager. 

So getting up to 100 pounds is another goal that made her list. So is going to the Kemah Boardwalk but because of the crowd of people that likely won't be possible. She is, however, marking off another item. Nevaeh will be able to get her nails done professionally when no one else is in the salon. 

"We're going to go early Monday morning and get our nails done. So that’s another thing she can scratch off her bucket list," her mom explains. 

And this is a big one. Nevaeh wants to go horseback riding, but she has seizures, has had six strokes and isn’t strong enough. So this princess is scheduled to take a horse drawn carriage ride.

"I’m going to feel like Cinderella," smiles Nevaeh and just like every fairy tale, this family is praying for their happy ending.

"I’m strong. I know what I have is life-threatening. Really what I care about is my family, because they will be sad," says the 14-year-old.  

"For everyone, all of her supporters making her dreams come true, and helping her out with her bucket list. We definitely appreciate it and it’s what’s keeping her going," adds her mom.    


14-year-old Nevaeh also has making family sweatshirts, eating mom’s delicious nachos, and taking professional pictures on her bucket list. An end of life list that just doesn’t seem like something someone as young as she is should have to make. 

God bless you sweet girl.