Houston hit-and-run: 9-year-old girl hit while crossing the road, family pleading for answers

Photo of the vehicle believed to be involved

A 9-year-old girl was sent to the hospital after being hit by a black SUV on the 4600 block of West Alabama on Friday around 6:30, according to her family consultant. 

"Please everyone look at this video, look at these photos and help this family get justice," said Wayne Dolcefino. 

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In a press conference he held Monday, he said the car in question appeared to be a black Mercedes. 

Harper Montgomery was there with her friend when this happened. 

"It just came speeding through, and it hit her, and she broke her leg," she said.

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According to Dolcefino, the victim went through surgery and is recovering, but is still recovering from the trauma. 

"You know, it's the right thing to do to come forward. God wants you to do it, get your conscious cleared," said Harper's Dad, David. 

The family is asking anyone with information to come forward and help this young victim get justice. 

If you know anything, you can call Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-TIPS