60-year-old resident shot in west Houston during gunfight with trespassers

A 60-year-old homeowner was injured during a gunfight in west Houston after police say he confronted two men believed to be trespassing in the area. 


It happened around 3:30 a.m. in the 8600 block of Woodway, where officers with Houston PD said the homeowner recorded recent car thefts in the area on his surveillance cameras. So when he saw two men on his camera reportedly trespassing through the hole in a fence and went to confront them. 

Police said the homeowner discovered the trespassers were also armed when he went to confront them and told them to leave, so they shot at him, but he returned fire. The homeowner suffered a gunshot in the leg, while one of the trespassers was hit several times. 

He was later found on a stairwell after fleeing back through the fence to another side of the complex by another resident, who in turn called the police. The second trespasser managed to get away but is believed to have a gun since only one weapon was recovered at the scene. 

The 60-year-old resident meanwhile, is expected to recover and is cooperating with investigators. 


Officials have obtained decent video footage of the incident but are asking additional residents to come forward with any other video or information on what transpired.