5-year-old bitten by shark at Pirates Beach in Galveston

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Beach patrol officials say the girl and her older brother and father are from Kerrville and were visiting relatives who leave near Pirate Beach.

At around 5:30 Tuesday afternoon, the family was swimming between the first and second sand bars when the little girl screamed.

Beach patrol Chief Pete Davis says a white-bellied shark about 3 to 4 feet long bit the girl on the leg.

She was rushed to John Sealey Hospital where she was listed in stable condition Tuesday night. Her name hasn't been released.

The accident has been described as a bite, and not an attack. 

There are no reports of the beach being closed at this time.

*Tips to avoid sharks*

Avoid schooling fish:

Shuffle your feet

Do not enter water if bleeding

Don't swim near areas where the bay empties into the beach

While fishing avoid being near bleeding fish (stringer)