Houston crime: 49-year-old man accused of murdering his 50-year-old girlfriend while free on PR bond

Police say just nine days after Jason Meinelt was free on a personal recognizance bond, or get out of jail free card, he murdered his girlfriend at a motel on FM 1960 West.

Judging by his criminal history, Meinelt has a violent temper.

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"He's been in and out of the criminal justice system for basically his entire adult life." said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. 

On November 24, 2023, Meinelt is charged with criminal mischief. Police say it happened at America's Best Value Inn at 609 FM 1960 West in Room 322.

"He refused to let any of the hotel employees in the room, refused to let them clean the room," Kahan said.

According to court documents, Meinelt broke the window and threw the TV, a microwave, and air conditioning unit.

Even with his criminal history, Meinelt was granted a PR bond or get out of jail free card. Court records indicate he didn't even have to appear before a magistrate in Probable Cause Court.

"He was gone before you could even do that," said Kahan. "And that's disturbing."

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We asked Amy Smith, Senior Director Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council if she thought Meinelt should have been granted a PR bond.

"No, because he obviously has a violent past," Smith said. "He has some convictions for family violence."

On December 8, just days after Meinelt was released on the PR bond, police say he murdered 50-year-old Jessica Perry at a motel at 4210 FM 1960 West.

That was the day Meinelt was supposed to appear back in court.

"He didn't appear. He no showed, and he had been a wanted fugitive since December 8 all the way up until June 7, when he was finally charged with her murder," Kahan said. 

Meinelt is one of the first violent offenders we've come across to be granted a PR bond without appearing in probable cause court.

"That, to me, opens up the bigger issue. If there's one, there has to be others," said Kahan.