40-year-old habitual offender sentenced to death in Wharton Co. for killing family of 3, burning their bodies

During a 2018 jail interview, FOX 26 asked Robert Allen Satterfield if he killed 28-year-old Ray Shawn Hudson Sr., 24-year-old Maya Rivera, and their 4-year-old son, Ray Shawn Hudson Jr.

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"No, I did not," Satterfield replied.

But it only took five hours for a Wharton County jury to find him guilty of capital murder, and just 45 minutes to sentence him to death.

"This particular defendant had a long extensive criminal history, had gang affiliations, has been a problem in the county jail and showed no remorse," said Wharton County DA Dawn Allison.

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We caught up with the victims' relatives as they celebrated the conviction and death sentence.

"Oh, we're happy," said Frances Rivera, Maya's mother. "This is for baby Ray. All of this is for baby Ray."

Satterfield killed the couple and four-year-old baby Ray on June 10, 2018. He burned their bodies in a pit.

"They were put in a pit like trash. It was very heartbreaking to see the actual burn pit and what they had to go through," Rivera said. "Baby Ray saw his mother being shot. The only reason he killed baby Ray was because he could identify him."

"He showed signs of paranoia. He thought people were after him. He actually planned this, I invited a few people out," Allison said. "He felt like he was being disrespected by them. It could have been robbery, it could have been over the sake of a gun."

"He won't be able to touch his children, or hug his children the way we're not able to hug and touch our children. He won't be able to do that either," said Rivera. "If he stays on death row five years, 10 years, or 30 years from now, we know he's not going to be able to enjoy life."