Family hopes for justice after couple, boy killed

The man accused of killing a family of three from Angleton is sitting in a Fort Bend County jail claiming investigators got it all wrong. He says he’s innocent.

We had a chance to do a jailhouse interview with 36-year-old Robert Satterfield. He says he was hanging out with the couple, 24-year-old Maya Rivera, 28-year-old Rayshawn Hudson and their 5-year-old son Rayshawn Hudson Jr. on June 10. It was the last time the Angleton family was seen alive. It was last Saturday when investigators found human remains that were burned in rural Wharton County. Satterfield says he didn’t do it and he was in the couple’s car because they let him borrow it.

On the Factor to talk about this horrible crime is Rayshawn Hudson’s family – his mother Johana Bonilla, and his cousins Austin Jonas and Maria Kennedy.