3-year-old abused by mother's boyfriend in Harris County, had fractured ribs, more

A Harris County mother was charged after her 3-year-old was abused by her boyfriend.

Reports say, Jasmine Salas, 23, was charged with Injury to Child - Omission after she allowed her boyfriend to abuse her 3-year-old daughter on multiple occasions without reporting him.

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According to court documents, from around Jan. 19 until Jan. 27, Salas watched for multiple days her boyfriend caused serious bodily injury to the child, including subdural hematoma, burns to the scalp, laceration to the child's liver, fractures of her ribs, bruised lungs, and fluid in the lungs.

Salas reportedly never reported him to the police or other authorities and did not provide or seek medical attention for the 3-year-old's injuries.

No other information has been provided at this time.