3 guys recently picked up by Atlanta police have 52 arrests combined

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Atlanta Police captured three people breaking into cars and soon learned this wasn't their first offense. Police say combined, the trio has been arrested more than 50 times.

It was a Wednesday night when several cars were broken into at a lot on Peachtree Street in Midtown.  One man told FOX 5 News his windows were shattered and his car was damaged.  He says so far, there's more than $5200 in damages. 

Atlanta Police said the guys responsible had plenty of practice.

"These three were well known to police, between the three they had been arrested 52 times.  One of them had been arrested 28," said Atlanta Police Major Darin Schierbaum.

He was talking about 38-year-old Damario Griffin with 28 arrests. Police said he was working that night with 26-year-old Ali Caldwell and 28-year-old Travante Turner.

Major Schierbaum said once free, repeat offenders with long rap sheets tend to go back to the same community and commit the same crimes.

"It is frustrating to our officers when we see individuals released without meaningful intervention or probation not properly enforced and they return to the community and feel liberty to offend," said Maj. Shierbaum.

Police don't have a role in sentencing. While the sentence varies when it comes to car break-ins, the sentence is typically light. Police encourage community members to get involved through Court Watch programs where they can keep an eye on the offenders, follow their cases and show the court system that these crimes are important to the community.

Police also preach keeping your car clean.

"We know that if there are no valuables visible there's a very slim chance thieves will want to break into your automobile," said Maj. Shierbaum.