2 men charged in deadly carjacking scheduled to appear in court

You probably don't recognize the names of Marcuis Boone or Jermia Guillory, but you have most likely heard about what they are accused of doing. Houston Police Department Chief Art Acevedo said his staff worked hard to catch them.

"When people are gunned down at a gas station while waiting for their loved ones who are inside making a purchase and murdered in cold blood, it's personal to us," said Chief Acevedo. 

Boone and Guillory are accused of killing Keisha Price on Monday night during what police first described as a possible carjacking. Police now believe the two men meant to either rifle through what they thought was an empty car or possibly steal it. Police believe Price startled them. 

Price's brother praised the arrests, but stopped short of celebrating.

"I won't personally feel closure until justice is served," said Price. "This is a start." 

But this was not the start of a criminal history for these two men. They both have long and violent records. Sources tell FOX 26 News that the two men publicly bragged about killing Price.

In a picture taken after the killing, Boone was still wearing the same clothing as he did in the surveillance video of the attack. Incredibly, Guillory was wearing the same outfit seen in the surveillance video when he was arrested on Wednesday. The two of them might have been too busy to change their clothes, committing an armed carjacking the very next night. That crime helped crack the murder case.
Chief Acevedo says this is proof that the justice system is failing.

"We catch felons, all the time, with firearm, all the time, all the time and you know what happens to them?," asks Chief Acevedo. "Nothing. We wait until they kill somebody and then we say, 'Hey, you know what? Maybe it wasn't a good idea to allow a felon to be out walking around with a firearm!'"

Price leaves behind a five year old son.