2 dead in North Lake College murder-suicide

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Irving police said two people were found dead in what appeared to be a murder-suicide following an active shooter situation at North Lake College Wednesday morning.

Just before noon Wednesday Dallas County Community College District officials asked students to go into lockdown if they were on campus and stay away if they weren't on campus yet.

Police originally said they were looking for a white male wearing an orange tank top who was seen on surveillance video carrying a handgun. They found a man believed to be the gunman dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside a building with a woman dead in another building.

Police have since identified the suspected shooter as 21-year-old Adrian Victor Torres and the victim as 20-year-old Janeera Nickol Gonzalez.

Math tutor Nasrin Nanbakhsh was leaving Building C about 11:30 a.m. and rounded the corner and witnessed the most horrific of acts.

“I left work at 11:30 and I was walking in the hallways and I was about the reach the big hallway which we use as an art exhibition. I saw a guy standing and there was a girl sitting in a chair. And it happened too quickly. I saw him shooting her three times,” the eyewitness told FOX 4’s Natalie Solis.

The woman said she immediately ran back to the room she was working in and locked the doors. She told all the students to turn off the lights, go to the back of the room and wait for police.

"We just shut the door, turned off the lights and we were just completely silent," said student Karen Ibarra.

Nanbakhsh couldn’t recall the gunman saying anything. She said he was very quiet and it all happened very fast.

Images from SKY 4 showed multiple police officers running on the campus. At one point dozens of students ran out of a building and into a parking lot and then later more students walked out with their hands in the air.

Students and faculty waited till police officers gave the all clear -- and then walked out, overcome by a sense of relief and deep sadness.

"I just cried. Like I don't know them but it's so sad that this world is so messed up," Ibarra said.

The DCCCD said the campus will not be back open until Monday.