16 units destroyed in massive apartment fire

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More than a dozen apartment units have been destroyed in a massive 2-alarm fire in northwest Harris County.

It started after 5 p.m. at the Aurora Place apartments on Glenora.

It took firefighters more than two hours to get the massive blaze out.

All said and done, an entire apartment building, 16 units, have been destroyed.

Skyfox was up in the air over the scene as the fire was raging.

Five different departments, with over a 100 firefighters, led by Cy-Fair, had their hands full with heavy flames on the first and second stories of the three-story complex.

Heavy winds pushed the flames to a nearby field. Crews had to act face before it spread.

No residents were injured and killed.

The Red Cross is on scene ready to work with the residents and families who lost everything.

We talked to two men whose apartments were destroyed.

"It was everywhere. So we were in the middle. We lost everything, man," said Hugh Morton.

"I grabbed my fire extinguisher. I sprayed the fire. Couldn't get it out. I called 911. They told us don't try to put it out.," said resident Johnny Russell.

It could have been electrical. Both of those gentlemen that I spoke to, number one, they're happy to be alive. They had renter's insurance. One firefighter had to be monitored on scene after suffering from  smoke inhalation but is expected to be okay.

Bank on March 27th of last year, another 2-alarm fire destroyed two other units here.

The fire marshal's office is inside investigating the cause.