1 suspect shot, 2 residents injured in Missouri City home invasion

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A resident turned the tables on three men who forced their way into his home. The violent home invasion left one man shot.  As parents were taking their kids to school and people were headed to work, three men with guns stormed a second floor apartment. 

Guns, including an AR-15, were left littering the parking lot at the Springfield Apartments in Missouri City after morning mayhem escalated to an all-out gun fight.

"That is very frightening.  I live right here.  It was right behind my apartment,” says a neighbor.

One of the victims, a 19-year-old man, says he answered a knock at the front door around 7:30 a.m. Thursday and was rushed by a man with a pistol and two men with assault rifles.  He says his older brother was then beaten in the face with the pistol until he fell to the floor bleeding.  One of the three gunmen then fired a shot into the wall.

"Bullets can travel through walls and I have a kid too. This is scary,” says a neighbor.

The teen says he was able to jump from the second story balcony to escape just as a third brother opened fire on the three gunmen.  The two men with the rifles ran away.  The man with the pistol was shot and collapsed in front of the apartment building.

"He’s expected to survive.  As a matter of fact he’s out of surgery now and is in stable condition,” explains

Missouri City Police Department Lt. Kevin Burleson.  Missouri City police aren’t sure why this particular apartment was targeted but they believe robbery was the motivation.  The three gunmen face aggravated robbery charges.  However, police are still searching for two of them.

"It’s pretty quiet around this apartment complex.  So I’m surprised this happened,” says a neighbor.

The resident isn’t expected to be charged.