Puppy shot multiple times begins to walk again

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has shared footage showing the amazing progress of Ava, a dog found lying on the street in Texas, and feared paralyzed having been shot. Footage from February 10 shows the dog taking tentative steps as her recovery continues.

On February 2, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC shared pictures of Ava lying on the street having been found in Mercedes, Texas. The person who found the dog didn’t have money to take her to the vet, at which point the New York-based organization stepped in, getting Ava care with a vet in Texas known to them.

The following day, a post stated four-month-old Ava had been shot multiple times was “unable to walk and paralyzed,” with one bullet “lodged in her vertebrae.” Transported to New York to see their physical therapy specialists, Ava was soon getting treatment and beginning to use her legs again.

A February 11 post from Rescue Dogs Rock NYV noted that Ava “still has a long way to recovery but she’s certainly on the way,” adding that donations would be needed for the public due to the “intense” physical therapy she will need to undertake.