Preparing the perfect proposal

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If you’ve been trying to put the marriage idea in your partner’s ear, today is the day. March 20 has been named National Proposal Day. No matter who you are or what you think is romantic -- today is your day to pop the question. With March 20 being the first day of spring and a national celebration, it will be easy to remember your anniversary (although please take note of the year you get married).

A recent proposal day survey by National Today shows that men aren’t the only ones who propose marriage to their partner. The survey, which encompassed 1,000 respondents, reported that 88 percent of American women were open to the idea of proposing instead of waiting for a man to propose to them. That may not be a bad idea since most divorces are initiated by women. If the bride-to-be gets cold feet prior to marriage, that’s an indicator of a more unstable marriage. The survey also shed light on where and how most people are proposed to:

  • First place: In front of friends and family - 14%.
  • Second place: At the first date location - 13%.
  • Third place: During a romantic getaway for two - 12%.
  • Fourth place: In bed - 12%.
  • Fifth place: During an elegant/romantic dinner - 11%.

No matter who proposes, the best proposal includes these aspects:

  1. That it’s sincere. Sit down and think about when you first met your loved one. What struck you immediately as something you were drawn to?
  2. How he or she makes you feel inspired to be the best partner you can be. What are your shared values, vision, and goals for the future?
  3. How he or she makes your life better or joyful. How does this person affect every area of your life?
  4. That you put thought and effort into your proposal. Go the distance. A good proposal shows your future spouse that you understand what they like and are able express your love to him or her. Take your time and plan it with your future spouse in mind. It has nothing to do with what you like…it’s all about making them feel as special as they make you feel.

Your future spouse will remember their engagement; that memory will help encourage them when they encounter a rough time in your marriage.