Finding Families - 13-year-old boy in need of 'forever family'

Texas is in desperate need of families willing to foster and adopt older children.  Across the Houston area, there are 1,800 kids available for adoption at this time. 

Jeffrey, 13, is a self-described 'country boy.'  Reptiles and dogs are his favorite animals, but he quickly fell in love with giraffes during a visit to the Houston Zoo. He has spent the last year in foster care. Parental rights were terminated due to neglect. At the age of 13, he knows he's at a disadvantage because most families aren't thinking about adopting an older child, but Jeffrey needs love and attention just as much.

Jeffrey wrote the following about his ideal family:

Depelchin Children's Center works with adoptive families to ensure they have plenty of support, including health care benefits and free college tuition. 

"He's in a group care setting right now and that's not very typical for him, so of course he wants to be back in a family," said Atasha Kelley-Harris. 

If you're interested in adopting Jeffrey or any other child, please contact Depelchin Children's Center by email