Harris Co. vote count during 2022 Texas Primary Election now under direct oversight of State District Court

Fallout over the botched Harris County primary election continues with the process of completing the vote count now under the oversight of State District Court Judge Fredericka Phillips.

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Phillips took control at the request of the Harris County Republican Party after cascading dysfunction in the March 1 election resulted in unprecedented delays in the vote count followed by the discovery of more than 10,000 misplaced mail ballots.

"We have to stop the cover-up," said Steve Mitby attorney for the HCRP. "There is no reason that the voters in this County should tolerate a cover-up of an elections' fiasco that cost them more money than any election in history and their own county government made a mess of."

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The subsequent resignation of Election Administrator Isabel Longoria has done little to ease Republican concerns.

They insist Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s "hand-picked" chief of voting should have no control over the two elections scheduled before Longoria’s July 1 quit date.

"We have an election administrator that's already been proven to be inexperienced incompetent and disingenuous and yet that person is going to be in charge of two major elections for both political parties and the state of Texas and that can't be tolerated," said State Senator Paul Bettencourt.


The GOP also fears the "video feed" of the vote-counting room was somehow cut off late last week now appears unfounded.

Meanwhile, Harris County’s Democratic Party is opposing court oversight and calling the Republican demand "political theater used as a tool to manipulate the public."

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The Houston Chronicle editorial board has challenged Harris County’s Democratic leaders to quit making excuses and "fully own this failing."