Republicans polling well ahead of Democratic candidates for statewide office- What's Your Point?

Some truly head-snapping numbers lead our broadcast on the eve of early voting in the Lone Star State.

 The well-regarded UT/Texas Tribune poll is reporting Republicans on the statewide ballot, led by Governor Greg Abbott, have built hefty, double-digit margins over their Democratic opponents, with just 15 days until the midterm. 

 Check it out - Abbott up on Beto O’Rourke by 11 points.

 Lt. Governor Dan Patrick ahead of democrat Mike Collier by fifteen...

 Controversial attorney general ken Paxton now leading Rochelle Garza by 14 points.

 It's pretty much the same story further down the ballot - a projected outcome with a common thread - that is - Republicans will almost certainly retain control.

If this survey is anywhere close to accurate - it's fair to say Texas Republicans have engineered a crushing win in the "messaging" war.