Race for Harris County Judge gets tighter as early voting begins - What's Your Point?

"What I take away is this is absolute lawlessness, and how do you have that in a county that's roughly 30 percent of the state's GDP?  The point is there is not one aspect of the criminal justice system that has the resources to protect the public." - Alexandra Mealer

Candidate for Harris County judge, Alex Mealer hammering away at incumbent Lina Hidalgo on the crucial issue of crime control - a crisis that's far and away the number one concern of voters.

The Houston Chronicle endorses Mealer over Judge Hidalgo

 Mealer statements came at the non-partisan Houston Super Neighborhood Alliance forum...  Hidalgo chose not to attend....appearing instead before the Houston Black American Democrats where she got this question:

"We are days away from early voting and what's wrong? Why haven't you been anywhere because to me, it's like you don't care? You are not everywhere you need to be."

Moments later judge hidalgo offered this response

"We don't have as many signs as she does. We don't have as many ads as she does. We don't have as many mailers as she does, and we don't have as many radio ads as she does. We always knew we were going to get outspent."

NO BS- Political ad check . . . Borderline BS   . . .  Mostly BS     Hidalgo and Mealer campaign ads.