Procurement mismanagement in Harris County precincts "for years" - What's Your Point?

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo raising a "red flag" and pretty much accusing members of Commissioners Court of corrupt practices in the awarding of contracts - allegations based on the finding that nine out ten firms winning county work, also make political contributions to county decision-makers.

 Labeling her reform effort "Brighter Path"  Hidalgo is asking commissioners to relinquish their decision-making on contracts to the purchasing department.

The Key Issues 

 - Lack of Documentation for selection of the most qualified bidder

 -  No Conflict of Interest certifications

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This is all pretty "rich" coming from Judge Hidalgo, given her former chief of staff and two key aids are still under criminal indictment for an alleged multi-million-dollar bid-rigging scheme first exposed by FOX 26.