Paxton lawyers confirm he won't testify at impeachment trial- What's Your Point?

 Suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton complaining about the inability to tell his "side of the story" to state lawmakers prior to his impeachment by the Texas House.

 Now that he faces trial by the Senate, the AG, and his attorneys have decided against providing Texans with that "defense" in the form of Paxton’s own testimony before jurors in the upper chamber.

 Referring to the forthcoming trial as an "ambush" attorney Tony Buzbee says he "will not dignify the illegal" house impeachment by allowing Paxton to testify. 

That may well be the prudent "legal strategy", but there's a line of thinking that goes "if you really did nothing wrong, then you shouldn't be afraid of saying so say "loud, clear and in detail" to your fellow Texans"