P.U.C. Chair says there's plenty of power for the summer - What's Your Point?

We know they are coming, scorching August temperatures expected to push electricity demand in the Lone Star State to record levels.
With the misery of the deadly winter blackout still fresh, millions of Texans are fearful the fragile power grid could "falter".

In response, Peter Lake, the newly appointed chairman of the public utility commission assured everyone willing to listen, that ERCOT has enough reserve power in position to weather the heatwave.

As for the path forward, Lake announced that the vulnerable Texas electricity market must be re-designed from "scratch"

While it's comforting to hear there's plenty of power on hand to pull through the oppressive heat in the near term... We'd be dropping the ball if we didn't pass on a pretty powerful warning.
Energy author Robert Bryce says 
Texas will stay on the cusp of crisis until it moderates a two-decade rush to "renewable" but "unreliable". Wind and solar, a trend that has stifled the construction of traditional thermal power generation like natural gas.

"The only new capacity that's being added in ERCOT it's all wind and solar about 24 thousand megawatts of solar and about 11000 megawatts of wind and effectively, that's going to be worth nothing in the wintertime

"The legislature is going to have to intervene here and provide some kind of financial incentives to make sure you have power generators who can provide power when it is needed during crunch time."

I'm told very few if any traditional generators have been built here - in the past decade because they couldn't compete with subsidized wind and solar.