Jan 6 Committee votes to subpoena Donald Trump - What's Your Point?

Like the sunrise and the sunset - you just knew… It was coming.

 Just a matter of politically calculated "time".

 After the testimony of dozens of witnesses, the examination of thousands of documents, and a reconstructive narrative presented to the American public over ten televised hearings - the House select committee investigating the January 6th sacking of America’s capitol voted unanimously to subpoena former President Donald Trump.

It is being widely reported that former President Trump will fight this congressional summons and... May actually have the law on his side this time.

 No word on the progress of the parallel, and frankly more consequential ...justice department investigation

 In addition to the congressional problem, Mr. Trump is under criminal investigation by prosecutors in Georgia for attempting to coerce state election officials to alter voting results.

 The former president is also under investigation by the FBI for the unauthorized retention of secret government documents at his Florida home. and, of course, the previously mentioned justice department prosecution of everyone involved with the storming of the capitol   

 Panel - to believe that none of this will stick is a very big gamble for a Republican Party....that will soon begin selecting a presidential candidate for 2024.

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