Abbott and Patrick widen lead over challengers in early voting polling - What's Your Point?

It is finally time to "choose", in Harris County, throughout the Lone Star state, and across the entire nation.

Here in Texas where the border is in crisis, elective abortion has been banned, school children have been massacred, and the power grid failed, a majority of Texans appear "inclined" as they say to "dance with who brung them."

The latest polling from the University of Houston/Hobby School has incumbent Republican Governor Greg Abbott leading against his Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke by 13 points.


In the race for Lt. Governor, the margin is even bigger with Republican Dan Patrick up 15 points over Democratic challenger Mike Collier.

And even in the contest where Democrats had the highest hope of a breakthrough, their candidate Rochelle Garza trails controversial Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton by double digits.

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While I’m certain none of you are "surprised" by these numbers - my question to you is, "What's driving them?", in a state that's increasingly diverse and a major destination for economic migrants from across the country?