A third political party embraces solutions over platform- What's Your Point?

Disrupting a political "duopoly" that's proven time and time again, far more intent on perpetuating power than solving the genuine problems of everyday Americans.

That "shake-up" is a fundamental goal of the "Serve America Movement", an emerging moderate party seeking like-minded citizens disenchanted or worse, disgusted by the current options.

Greg Groogan spoke one-on-one with SAM’s national chairman former Florida congressman David jolly.

Given the deep and often septic partisanship which divides our country, given the growing power of radical elements on both sides of the aisle, and given the near-constant state of governmental gridlock and scorched earth politics is there room in America for this moderate entry into the "public square".

We know our friend Bill King's answer is a resounding  "hell yes!", because he's the new SAM party Chairman in the Lone Star state.