Solar Eclipse 2024: What time will totality be in Texas, partial in Houston?

Watch a livestream of the solar eclipse in the video player below.

There is a solar eclipse happening on April 8 and Texas is in the path of it.

Here are the times and locations you can see the solar eclipse in totality in Texas and partially in Houston and across Texas:

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Eagle Pass

Eclipse Begins- 12:10 pm

Totality- 1:27-1:31pm

Eclipse Ends- 2:51 pm

Duration of Totality- 4 min 24 sec


Eclipse Begins- 12:14 pm

Totality- 1:32-1:36pm

Eclipse Ends- 2:55 pm

Duration of Totality- 4 min 24 sec


Eclipse Begins- 12:20 pm

Totality- 1:37-1:42pm

Eclipse Ends- 3:00 pm

Duration of Totality- 4 min 16 sec


Eclipse Begins- 12:23 pm

Totality- 1:40-1:44pm

Eclipse Ends- 3:02 pm

Duration of Totality- 3 min 51 sec


94.2% Coverage Partial Eclipse

Partial Eclipse Begins- 12:20 pm

Fullest Coverage- 1:40 pm

Partial Eclipse Ends- 3:01 pm