Hurricane Gear Test: Life+Gear Pro Survivor Premium 72 Hour Pack

Life+Gear is the name of the company, and they just came out with an impressive new go-bag.

They call it the Pro Survivor Premium 72 Hour Pack. It’s designed for two people and everything is neatly contained in a waterproof grab-and-go backpack. They organize everything in their survival tool roll. Most of the items zip into labeled compartments and then the whole thing rolls up and slips in the backpack.

You’ll definitely need more water in your plans but these 12 (4.2 oz) pouches give you a start. Plus, there’s a water bottle with built-in filter which removes most of the harmful bacteria if you find an untrusted water source.

Like many lightweight go-bags, high-calorie food bars are all you get to eat. There are 12 (200 calorie) bars. You will not be full, but you’ll survive until you find better nutrition.


Food and water are the first two items on my hurricane kit essentials list. You are also going to need a flashlight or lantern. Don’t forget your cell phone battery and finally a first aid kit.

The included first aid kit here is great. I like that it includes a cold compress and scissors. Your need for a light source and cell phone charger are met with this crank radio flashlight. I would have preferred a second light source since this pack is for two people. And also on the negative side of things, I’m surprised there are no facemasks in this kit. But, they didn’t forget the toilet paper.

I give the Life+Gear Pro Survivor Premium Pack a Cat 5 out of 5 on my hurricane kit priority scale. This has everything I’m looking for and a great price at $139.99. Costco is the only store where you can currently buy it. In the future, they should be available Life+Gear’s website.