2024 Atlantic hurricane season: First tropical system could form in next few days

Don't look now, but the first tropical system of the 2024 Atlanta hurricane season could form over the next couple of days.

Now, we want to be clear that this is zero threat to Texas, but this is continuing a trend we've seen over the last decade or so of systems forming before June 1.

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The system in question is very weak right now and could be forming between the Bahamas and Cuba.

Computer models, including the American GFS model, are showing a weak area of low pressure drifting into the central Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda this weekend. So it isn't moving toward the United States and will likely remain weak.

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If the system develops a closed circulation, it could become Tropical Depression #1 and if its winds reach at least 40 mph, it would become a tropical storm. The first name on this year's list is Alberto.