Reviving a dead bedroom

In the beginning, new couples can't stay off of each other. However, that firey spark doesn't always last. Tonight Carolina finds out how to bring life to a dead bedroom from couples who have been together for a long time.

Pastors wives: Life of a First Lady

Ever wondered what it's like to be a pastor's wife? It's like being the first lady of the United States - a lifestyle that chooses you. Join Carolina on The Nightcap as she sits down with the first ladies to delve into love, faith, and how their role as a pastor's wife impacts their marriage, family, and career. It's going to be an insightful and inspiring conversation!

Strong independent single moms

These incredible moms are strong, beautiful, and independent. Tonight on The Nightcap, Cindy takes over for Carolina and has a conversation with our wonderful single mother guests. They share their empowering stories of being self-sufficient women, juggling motherhood and their careers while thriving.

Teen Moms Triumph: Navigating Motherhood Against All Odds

Being a mother is a challenging job, and it becomes even tougher when you become a mom as a teenager. On tonight's episode of The Nightcap, we will be joined by a group of mothers who will share their experiences, challenges, and accomplishments of raising their children as teen mothers. We'll hear firsthand about the hard work and dedication these mothers have put into raising their kids despite the obstacles they faced.

Mamas boys

Tonight's show explores the unique bond between mothers and sons. Our guests share personal stories about growing up with their moms, discussing special moments, advice received, and the impact their mothers have had on their lives. Join us for a heartwarming conversation about the love between boys and their moms.

Mothers & daughters: Smothering and all-knowing

For Mother's week on The Nightcap, we invited two mother-daughter duos, including Sunnie and Eva from TLC's reality show "Smothered," to discuss their uniquely close relationships. Oddly, both moms have done vajacials on their daughters on TV.

Derby Days and Cinco de Mayo in Houston

Houston is the place to be this weekend, and we're here to help you make the most of it! Tune in to The Nightcap for an unforgettable experience, as we take you on a journey of celebration and fun. First up, Carolina has the inside scoop on Derby HTX - a one-of-a-kind celebration that brings the spirit of the Kentucky Derby to Texas. And that's not all - we're also heading to Picos for the ultimate Cinco de Mayo celebration, complete with mouth-watering tacos and refreshing margaritas. Don't miss out on all the excitement - join us for a jam-packed weekend of festivities!

Women are still fabulous after 40

Being a woman of a certain age comes with wisdom, self-assuredness, and no time for drama! Carolina sits down with a fabulous group of women who, despite what society says, prove some things DO get better with age. Plus Navy Blue shakes up a Watermelon Crawl…a fun twist on a watermelon margarita.

Battle Of the Rainbow

Do gays and lesbians get along? Carolina hosts a battle of the rainbow to find out if there is such a thing as ‘bad blood’ between them. Plus, V returns to try Gay Water! Will the award-winning vodka soda pass the Vcan/Vcan’t test?

Music, poetry, and female empowerment

Carolina sits down for a heart-to-heart with the R&B Boss Alexis Finely. Alexis also performs her new single “Show me off.” Then our friend Cindy Burbano chats with Richelle Gemini, who performs her steamy poem “Wet.”

4/20 tips & prep

Liquid Marijuana cocktails, hemp for hair care, and CBD-infused steak? Yeah, that’s a thing! Carolina and her favorite Hustoners celebrate all things 4/20… the legal way of course!

Girls Night, dinner parties and midnight munchies!

Imagine you are invited to a dinner party, and the next day you get a bill! And is there such a thing as ‘too hot’ to date? In tonight’s episode, Carolina sits down with some girlfriends to discuss. Plus, girl dinner is served with The Peach Cobbler Queen.

How do you communicate in relationships?

Communicating in relationships is hard. Do you overshare? Is your tone off? How do you know if what you mean is what's being received? We've got some singles and Dr. Viviana Coles in the house to discuss. Plus, Carolina visits Makiin's gorgeous bar for some fantastic Thai cocktails.

Dating Disasters

When does a date go from bad, to worse to disaster? Carolina chats with two ladies who wrote a book all about dates that went completely off the rails… and will make you say ‘WTF?’

Men Under Pressure

Are men feeling a societal pressure to be ‘manly?” Are we setting unfair expectations about who they are, what they should think, and where they should be? Cindi Burbano house sits for Carolina, and she asks the guys the hard questions.

Weight loss drugs, should you take them?

Weight loss drugs are all the rage, but they are not created equal. Carolina sits down with some guests, including two former athletes, about why weight loss drugs were the best option for them.