Love at first sight or just a creep playing the game?

Catching the eyes of that cutie down the grocery aisle or watching that hunk check out at the register.. are you creeping? Or is it cute? Tonight we draw the line! Joined by some very funny friends, Carolina breaks down the problems of "meet cutes" and we ponder on how we tackle meet-ups in today's climate. Has everyone been over-romanticized by the movies?

The art of the tease: stripping & burlesque

Stripping and burlesque are both dances with undress, so how are they similar and different? We discuss these arts of performance with Lady Annabelle, Reina LaRouge, and Bailey Bunnie! Plus, Queen Angelina and comedian Ben Jackson join the conversation.

Microaggressions: The little things matter

Whether they’re being malicious or not, people can say small things that just get under our skin for their derogatory undertones. During Black History Month, we discuss microaggressions people face in society and how they address them.

Dating as a virgin & busting myths

What is virginity? There are a lot of myths around the concept so we invited our sexpert Lady MaCallan and her gynecologist Dr. Lauren Spoo to discuss virginity and learn about the hymen. Plus, hear from a 25-year-old virgin who is waiting for the right one and learns she’s a demisexual.

Are you Ready to Love? Talking to Houston cast members about dating over 40

Dating in your 30s and 40s isn't the same as it is in your 20s. No one knows it better than the Houston cast members of Ready to Love season 4. Tressa, Ron, and Stacy share what they learned from their time on the show and how they feel about dating in their 40s. Plus, Bevin Biggers shakes up her Beloved Banana.

The Nightcap: What's in a name

Tonight on The Nightcap, we sit down with people and parents of children with unique names and ask the question, Do uncommon names hurt or help in society? What is your unique name? Comment below and let us know! Cheers! #unique #uncommon #name

Brews, boobs & botox: normalizing body enhancements

Many people are seeking plastic surgery or medspa services to enhance or upgrade their bodies. But why is there still a stigma around it? We chat with the Breast Doc, Dr. Kriti Mohan, and her patient, and learn about different options for your face with medspa owner Dana Aguilar. Plus, Carolina stops by Perky Cups where the bikini baristas serve her up an americano.

The oral episode: Head, tails & crawfish

This episode’s topic is a mouthful! We learn how to suck & peel crawfish while discussing everything around giving and receiving head. Yep, fellatio and cunnilingus … this is The Nightcap, after all.

Taking revenge: sweet or petty?

Is revenge sweet or just petty? Carolina invites the ladies on to talk about how Shakira and Miley Cyrus got back at their unfaithful men with record-breaking anthems. Plus they get a man's perspective from behind the bar.

Should we go back to our exes?

Is going back to an ex ever a good idea? They may slide in your DMs and send late-night texts, but should they slide back into your life? Carolina asks some friends why double backing is off-limits or why a Rolodex of exes can come in handy. Plus, she tries to make her own CBD cocktail again.

Dry January bar crawl through Houston's EaDo

Bar crawls don't have to involve alcohol. You can be alcohol-free and have a good time with zero-proof cocktails or mocktails -- not just boring old soda water and lime. Carolina takes us to Tiny Champions, Miss Carousel, Sunset, and 8th Wonder Distillery in Houston's EaDo neighborhood to have a deliciously good time!

The ick: Getting turned off quick

Have you gotten the ick from someone you like? What was it? The way they chew? Their eyebrows? It’s simple but a major turn-off. Friends come over to discuss while Bevin Biggers mixes up a Crème de la Green.

The ick: Getting turned off quick

Have you gotten the ick from someone you like? What was it? The way they chew? Their eyebrows? It’s simple but a major turn-off. Friends come over to discuss while Bevin Biggers mixes up a Crème de la Green.

Too Hot to Handle: Sex, love, and money

Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle contestant, Shawn Wells stops by The Nightcap to talk about the show and what he’s up to in Houston. Plus, Dr. Viviana Coles joins the conversation to add whether or not love is possible on reality TV or if sex and money reign supreme.

Want to change careers? It's never too late

We're told growing up that we need to have our lives together and in order by the age of 30. But what if we find a different passion or grow tired of corporate life? Carolina invited friends over who changed their careers after 30 to hear their sacrifices and tips. Plus, V's back for another Vcan Vcan't with Jelly Belly seltzer waters.

Dating, spending and not drinking in 2023

We’re talking about overcoming personal challenges in 2023. Are you trying to change your spending habits? Trying to get back into the dating pool? Or maybe drink a little less? We’ve got some help!

TikTok talk with @carolineontv & @tiktokmomma7

Caroline Collins aka @carolineontv and Trisha Marroquin aka @tiktokmomma7 talk to Carolina about life on TikTok, how they manage growth on social media and what made them so popular! Plus, Ninfas delivers some delicious TexMex to welcome Caroline to Houston!

The Royal Tea: We can't get enough of the Harry drama

The English tea on the British monarchs is piping hot and Americans can't stop sipping! Harry's media tour, memoir Spare, and the Netflix series with his wife just reveal so much behind the clandestine Royal family, so Carolina invited over Special K and some friends to unpack the drama!

What's trending in 2023?

With the New Year comes new trends and new treats. Explore all the latest styles with us as we visit Magpies and Peacocks to see what Omar Lisandro has in store. After the fashion fun, we chat with social media expert Britney Crosson to see what changes to expect. Then get a special delivery from Chef Le Roux that got us all addicted!

Why do people cheat?

Cheating seems to be rampant. Carolina invited friends over to discuss what exactly qualifies as cheating and why do people do it. Plus, since it’s Dry January, V tries kombucha for the first time.