Unemployed could get tax break, COBRA health coverage

If the House passes President Biden's relief bill this week, people who have lost jobs could get more than just an additional $300 a week in unemployment benefits.  They could also receive a big tax break and free health insurance. 

Pres. Biden signs executive order to reopen ACA enrollment

After four million Texans lost their jobs last year, there was a 15% increase in people signing up for Affordable Care Act health coverage, according to the Episcopal Health Foundation. President Biden is now opening another enrollment period, February 15 through May 15, to allow more people to sign up.  Nine out of ten Texans who have ACA coverage receive subsidies to help pay for it. 

Texas COVID-19 vaccine map can help you avoid vaccine scams

Con artists are already claiming to have the COVID-19 vaccine and stealing people's money and personal information. There is one surefire way to check and see if someone claiming to be able to administer the vaccine is state approved.