Red McCombs: University of Houston 'would be the lead dog in the Big 12'

Red McCombs, former owner of the San Antonio Spurs and Minnesota Vikings, has some advice for the Big 12, expand and offer membership to the University of Houston.

"It’s a natural," McCombs said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports from his hometown of San Antonio.  "It would be by far the largest market in the Big 12. We have a number of small markets to medium-sized markets. It has that plus they’ve already proven that they can compete with anyone in any sport. So it makes no sense whatsoever for them not (to be in).

"I think they would be the lead dog in the Big 12."

And McCombs, who has given millions to the University of Texas, said it should not even be necessary for the University of Houston to campaign to get an invite to the Big 12.

"It would appear to me that the Big 12 should be out courting them to get them to want to come into the Big 12," McCombs said. "I can’t imagine the reason they wouldn’t want them in.

"This is a huge opportunity for the Big 12. This shouldn’t even be a question, them coming in. The question should be how fast can we get them?"

McCombs is aware of Houston businessman Tilman Fertitta, UH's chairman of the board of regents, and his passion to get his school into the Big 12.

"He alone would be reason (for UH) to come in," McCombs said. "I think we should open the door and blow the horn and start cheering to get them in."

It was pointed out to McCombs that Fertitta believes members of the Big 12 fear the University of Houston.

"I’m sure there would be an element of that," McCombs said. The University of Houston belongs in. For too long they haven’t been. That doesn’t make any sense. The Big 12 doesn’t have Houston. The Big 12 gets players out of Houston, but we need the Houston tag.

"It would be actually criminal not to have them."

ESPN Radio in San Antonio was the first to report McCombs' thoughts about the University of Houston belonging in the Big 12.