Record-setting Biles returns home to Houston

Spring's Simone Biles returned home after adding to her record gold medal total at the World Gymnastics Championships in Scotland.

Biles won four more gold medals and one bronze to her total World Championship medal count. She now has 10 career world championship gold medals, the most ever for any female gymnast. On Monday, Biles came home to a welcoming crowd of about 50 at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

"It's really strange to me that I've accomplished all these things because I never thought I could accomplish them," Biles said. "So it's just really weird that I'm, like, breaking history, but I never really think of it like that.

"It's exciting to see all my friends and family," she added. "I'm just glad to be home."

Even as Biles racked up the golds in Scotland, she never really paused to think about the history that she was making.

"We have so many events we have to do in a period of a week," Biles explained. "And so, once you get a medal, it's like, 'Okay, on to the next event.' So you don't really think about what we've done or accomplished."

It's a mindset her parents also have, but upon reflection, this is all absolutely something to be proud of.

"In terms of just where she ranked just with the number of medals, that never crossed my mind until after it was over," said Nellie Biles, Simone's mother. "And then you're reading all these articles and you realize, 'Wow, we're making history. My daughter is making history.' That's just very awesome."