O'Brien, Texans reach out, give back to the community

Bill O'Brien and the Texans had quite the day giving back to the Houston community.

It started with the Texans rookies throwing footballs and having fun with Special Olympics kids as a part of the NFL Hometown Huddle. O'Brien knows all about dealing with kids with special needs. It's been well documented how his youngest son has exceeded expectations while dealing with a rare neurological disorder call Lissencephaly that affects development.

On Tuesday, O'Brien was at the Texans YMCA, slapping high fives, laughing with the kids, and giving hugs when needed.

"When you see the smiles on their faces, what you and I may think are small things, they get very excited about," O'Brien said. "I think that's important to understand. There's more things to life than football sometimes and what's important are things like this. Everybody's life matters and I think that's very important."

Like their head coach, the rookies were also having a blast sharing their fun with the kids.

"There's a little kid in all of us," said Christian Covington, a former Rice Owl now lining up as a Texans defensive tackle. "To be able to just play some ball with these kids, it brings out the kid in me. I can't ask for anything better than this. This is awesome."

Not to be outdone, Rahim Moore was at Sharpstown High School, sharing his story with students there. It's a story of struggle that turned into a story of success. Moore opened up about what he faced in his childhood and, as a result, had the Sharpstown kids locked into each and every word.

"I love doing stuff like this," Moore said. "I really enjoy it. I think it's very important because you never know whose life you might save or might encourage to make better decisions in the future and to take care of the youth, the upcoming youth."