NASCAR crews combat AZ heat for end of cup series

The sun beats down as dozens and dozens of crew men perform maintenance work on the wheels of the weekend.

"It was a hot day and that makes it tough for us as far as fitting the car," said Dwayne Oguls, a crew member.

Saturday hit a record high of 95, making work for the guys behind the scenes of the NASCAR Cup Series more challenging.

"The lug nuts get a little tighter and stuff like that we have to wear the fire suits, so it's a little warm," said Oguls.

It's already a hot job. They have to work under the cars and perform speedy repairs while it's almost 100 degrees out.

Oguls says it's something they train for heavily in between NASCAR races. Intense cardio training three days a week.

"We take Advocare and a lot of us drink Pedialyte and just make sure we drink a lot of water the night before and throughout the race," said Oguls.

"Just the key is to stay hydrated. Just stay in the shade when you can and when you're doing your work, just stay hydrated," said another crew member.

Their ways of staying hydrated are slightly different than those of some spectators.

FOX 10 asked a spectator how they deal with the heat. Their response?

"Just drink more beer."