Lawsuit filed against Houston Texans

In an interview, former Texans account executive Kristen Grimes says it was the Hollywood-based "Me Too" movement that gave her the courage to go public. Grimes makes many disturbing allegations against the team's former director of football operations Jason Lowery.

The lawsuit alleges that soon after Grimes began working for the Texans in May 2013, Lowery pursued a relationship with her.

The lawsuit states, "it was well known within the Houston Texans organization that Lowery manipulated and treated female employees inappropriately and wrongfully for his own pleasure."

When Grimes tried to end the relationship with Lowery in February of 2015, the lawsuit alleges he retaliated by openly stalking her at work.

The lawsuit also accuses Lowery of making false claims that she was having inappropriate relationships with players on the team.

What happened when she filed a complaint with the human resources department?

"She was told from the very beginning, it was already well known this was a womanizer, this was a problem," said Grimes' attorney Scott Hunziker. "But nothing was done about it, that's the basis of this lawsuit."

The Houston Texans released the following statement on Friday evening:

We are aware that a lawsuit was filed earlier today against the Houston Texans alleging, among other things, that the Club failed to properly investigate and respond to a sexual harassment complaint filed by a former employee in November 2016. The Houston Texans take complaints of this nature seriously. Consistent with Club policy, this matter was promptly investigated and addressed at the time the complaint was made. We will vigorously defend ourselves against this litigation.

The Texans tell FOX 26 News that Lowery no longer works for the organization.

FOX 26 contacted Lowery who said he had no comment at this time.