Kendricks brothers face each other in NFC Championship game

In the city of brotherly love, two brothers will go up against one another when the Vikings face the Eagles Sunday. 

The Vikings’ Eric Kendricks and the Eagles’ Mychal Kendricks are brothers. Their mother, Yvonne Thagon, will be at the game cheering for both of them. She’ll be wearing a shirt that is divided down the middle--one side Vikings, one side Eagles. 

“I’m feeling like… I can’t even say nervous, just you know, it’s a game,” Thagon told Fox 9. “I don’t have any control over who is going to win or lose. I’m there to watch my boys perform. Who am I going to cheer for? I’m going to cheer for both teams and probably will get a lot of funny looks. Ultimately I’ll just cheer for the defense.” 

The brothers aren’t looking at the game like they’re competing as brothers. It’s their team playing another team, Thagon said. 

The Vikings’ Eric and the Eagles’ Mychal have always been close. They’re just two years apart in age. Their high school football coach said they are two of the best players he has coached. 

“These two guys are so supportive of each other,” Hoover High School Football Coach Pat Plummer said. “It’s sad one of them is going to have to lose and one is gone. Whatever happens, the other one is going to back him and support him 110 percent.” 

Hoover High School in Fresno California is full of Vikings and Eagles pride ahead of the game Sunday. 

“We have a huge buzz around campus. We’ve got Eagles fans and Vikings fans coming out of the woodwork,” Hoover High Athletic Director Tim Carey said. 

No matter what happens, their mom will be in Minnesota to watch one of her sons play in the Super Bowl.