Houston native Jermell Charlo has eyes on the boxing prize

It doesn't take long to figure out Jermell Charlo has a laser-like focus.

The Houston native has never seen that focus go astray. So far, Charlo's professional boxing record is 26-0. His fight this Saturday should propel him to a title shot for the WBC super welterweight belt currently held by Floyd Mayweather, who may or may not be retiring.

In other words, Saturday's fight is a big one for Charlo. And he's having it right in his hometown at NRG Arena.

"I'm extremely excited about this weekend," Charlo said. "This weekend is a dream come true, to fight here at home, to fight here in front of family and my fans, and get a victory at the same time."

If Charlo sounds confident, it's because he is.  There's no reason to not be confident given his perfect record.  While his Saturday opponent, former title holder Joachim Alcine, is expected to be tough, Charlo is the favorite to win.

"Alcine is an ex-world champion," Charlo said. "He's come to fight. He's pretty strong. And he's a vet, so he knows how to go the distance and survive."

Charlo has no intention of having this fight go the distance. That's not the Charlo way. He and his twin brother Jermall have been very big about being the lions in the boxing ring.  The words "Lions Only" are plastered everywhere in their Houston gym.

Jermall Charlo, it should be noted, is the IBF super welterweight champion after destroying Cornelius Bundrage in mid-September. Jermell was there to witness his brother win the title belt. Joining his twin brother as world champions at the same time means the world to him.

"My brother winning the world title was exquisite to me," Jermell Charlo said. "It was something that was unbelievable like, 'Wow, we made it this far.' So now, me training for my fight and my world title, it's almost like everything has to be on point and focused in.

"It means everything because it's history," he added. "Us fighting together, both having world titles out of the city of Houston, I would then feel like we're the J.J. Watt and James Harden of boxing."

And Jermell's on the cusp to reaching those goals with his hometown as his witness.