3 Watt brothers set to play in NFL game together for the first time

Sunday at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh will be a moment Connie and John Watt will never forget. 

With the Houston Texans playing the Pittsburgh Steelers, their sons JJ, TJ and Derek, will play in the same game for the first time at any level.

However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic there will be no fans at Heinz Field on Sunday. So their parents will be watching from home in Wisconsin.

It is a difficult situation for the family.

“Extremely, we’ve been at all the games when the kids played one another,” Connie Watt said. “We always try to go to as many games as possible ... Not being there is really hard. This is a dream come true to have all three of them on the field, playing together at the same time. Photo opportunities, it’s something we’ve always wanted and dreamed of, and to not be able to be there is really difficult. I just keep holding out hope somehow we’re gonna sneak into that stadium ... It’s probably one of the hardest things for our family.”

John Watt agrees. 

“We thought about can we buy some staff jackets online or medical jackets and maybe sneak into a back entrance, but we don’t want to take those chances,” John Watt jokingly said.

Texans working to allow fans back into NRG Stadium

The Houston Texans are working to allow up to 15,000 fans into NRG Stadium.


All kidding aside, Connie and John may be at home on Sunday, but their hearts and minds will be in Pittsburgh. 

“For this one, I think I feel best for JJ because he’s never had the chance to be on the same field with TJ, even though there was the opportunity for it before,” John Watt said. “JJ was hurt or something, so it never quite worked out. To have all three of them on the field at the same time, it’s one of those things in the back of your mind you wish it would happen, but you never actually think it’s gonna happen. When it actually comes true like this, it’s unbelievable.” 

JJ is six years older than TJ, which is why the two brothers have never played together in the same game at any time. 

“That’s why this is such a special moment for us,” Connie Watt said. “That’s what’s killing us to not be there. 

“I always said with JJ and his success and everything, there’s certain things money just cannot buy. He could never buy the fact that you can’t play with your brothers."

That will all change on Sunday.


You can watch the full interview with Connie and John Watt above.